Spring and all things new!

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Saturday March 27, 2011 – The weather was cold for the start of “spring” is New Hampshire.” In fact the wind dropped the temperature to winter conditions but the sky’s was clear and sunny. The team of volunteers was in good spirits and by God’s grace the Food Bank brought two pallets of meat, turkeys and an assortment of potatoes, onions, yogurts and some miscellaneous products.  Plus there was a bountiful supply of bread and chips.

John Rivera, the pastor from Hope Tabernacle Church preached to some hungry souls. His message was on God willingness to heal our affirmatives. Pastor John spoke from Mark 5: 25- 34 about the woman who was sick for many years and how she reached out to touch the bottom of Jesus’ robe. Instantly she was healed, why, because of her faith. The same is true of us. All we need is to believe.

Along with the coming of spring, brings big crowds to JFK coliseum parking lot. My guess was 227 tickets were allocated.  It is great to witness God’s faithfulness and blessings. I want to thanks all who faithfully volunteer their time and efforts each week.  Only God can replenish those efforts for what you bring to Food For Children and the needy families and couples of Manchester NH.

PS With Spring we have updated our website. Take a look! http://www.foodfc.org


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