April Milestone

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Tuesday. 5 April 2011 – Food For Children reached a milestone this first Saturday of April 2011. We served 235 families breaking our previous record by two. Our staff was diminished with several of our key female volunteers attending a “Women’s Breakfast” at Hope Tabernacle church. As usual, God provided a number of substitutes to fill in the ranks from UNH Manchester.  These undergraduates were more than willing to fill in and help as needed.  It amazes me how people, young and old, will come to do community service for their school or organization and get “bit” by the “service bug”.  We have gotten some of our most committed workers who were people coming to “check out” what was happening at the parking lot of JFK coliseum, only to realize years latter that they had become regulars and invested years in serving the needy of this city.

Speaking about “regulars”, we are losing one of our long time volunteers, Faith Yanez-Lemire.  She will be moving to Tennessee this spring to live with her son.  Fatih has managed the “treat” department at Food for Children, and has been a faithful (pun intended) servant.  We will miss her dearly and wish her the very best.  So for you out there “checking out“ service opportunities and looking for somewhere to plant, I have just the ticket.  Wanted: Manager of Treats.  Applications should be brought to the JFK Coliseum Saturday morning before 11:00am.  Salary: “Heavenly Rewards” and a salary and bonuses that doubled each week.  See me, Pastor Steve Ferriea for details

  1. Pete Dalrymple says:

    Wow…235 families!! What an inspiration. well done FFC volunteers.

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