Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Monday – April 18, 2011  What never ceases to amaze me is how folks try to “get ahead,” especially when it comes to give a way’s and freebies.  I got a phone call last week from a local doctor. She proceeded to ask, interrogate me, if we allowed people who had trouble standing for any length of time to bring chairs.  She had already called the Food Bank and they assured her that there was no such policy regarding chairs and she should call Pastor Steve at Food for Children. I proceeded to inform her that it was not a rule of ours and in fact we had a couple of chairs on the trucks just for that purpose.  Apparently, this doctor had gotten a letter requesting a patient be counted among the “handicapped” at Food for Children.

We thought it would be helpful for the elderly and handicapped to go first at the food distribution line in the JFK coliseum parking lot.  After announcing this new policy we were amazed at how many of our regulars showed up with slings, canes, crutches and other handicap apparatus. I still have the image of one of our friends with a sling on one arm, walking through the line holding numerous bags with his bandaged arm.  From atop of the truck platform I get to see this first hand, the needy and the greedy, but so does God. However the God we serve is gracious and faithful, and also let’s us know when we are being scammed. It is our nature to want to get the best especially when we are hurting and in need. But for those privileged to bring up the rear a quick note, we hold back the good stuff until the end so the last will be blessed as well.  Each week is a challenge, but that is what makes it fun.  Thank God for the opportunity to serve Him.

This week we had volunteers from Hope Tabernacle Church, Franklin Pierce College and the Food Bank of New Hampshire.  I want to offer a BIG thanks to all our volunteers.  We could not to anything without you.   Our unofficial count was 205 families served this week.


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