It was the best of times, It was the worst of times.

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 – I’ll start out with the latter. April 24, the Saturday before Easter, and it is snowing. That’s right snowing in New Hampshire at the end of April. But wait, it gets worse.  The weather went from chilly overcast skies to rain to sleet to freezing temperatures to snow.  All this in less than a hour.  But this is spring, we are not suppose to have this kind of stuff New Hampshire.

This is the first time this year we had to erect our 10’ x 10’ tents.  The enclosures, did keep much of the food dry, but did little for the volunteers.  We all got soaked to our bones and the damp cold temperatures only made matters worse. Coming home and jumping into a hot shower helped but it took times for the hot water to penetrate my cold body.  There is nothing like having that icy sting of hot water to wake you up.

In spite of the adverse conditions it was the best of times, we served a new all time high of 240 families. The crew of volunteers worked as hard as ever with very few complaints and grumblings.  Tess, our eldest volunteer, did not say a word about the water running off of the tent on to her, the sweets table or across her  feet. That woman is such a trooper.

Once again the prayers of the prayer team where answered and the Food Bank of New Hampshire brought a pallet full of frozen packaged meat. We also had an abundance of potatoes, onions, and soda. Our sincere THANKS goes to all the good folks at the Food Bank.

A note for next week, the carnival is in town at the JFK Coliseum this coming weekend, so Food For Children will be at the parking lot of St. Anthony’s Church on Belmont Street, Manchester NH. See you there.


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