Food For Children exists to provide food to families in New Hampshire that are having difficulty doing so on their own. A large portion of the community that FFC serves is comprised of displaced families from foreign countries who have made their way to New Hampshire. These families receive little or no public assistance either because of a language barrier, lack of transportation, non-qualification for government assistance, or the knowledge of where to go for aid. We seek to serve all who come to us for assistance, regardless of who they are or why they are in need. Families do not have to travel far, FFC reaches into the neighborhoods where the need exists. FFC goes where the people are in order to make sure that those served can more easily take advantage of the generosity and care from those who are called to make the difference.

  1. Martha says:

    I’m a volunteer and also a Wife and Mother in need for my family. I want to say thank GOD for this wonderful organization that has helped not only me; but I know first hand hundreds of family’s every week. I just want you to know I thank God for pointing me to you because I love helping out and will continue as long as I’m needed.

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