Giving It Another Shot

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Tuesday October 11, 2011 – First let me apologize for not writing anything since last spring.  Putting words to paper does not come easy to me, but with the help of my friend and editor, I’m giving it another shot.

The summer of 2010 has sped by at lightning speed and with each passing week presents a new challenge for Food for Children.  These troubling economic times and the growing number of people needing assistance throughout Manchester has brought  inspiration from God above.  One example was changing from one food distribution line to two on Saturday mornings.  We now setup two lines of tables and this helps service our friends with the blessings that local area businesses have provided.  Of course we needed to add additional  tables and volunteers also.  I have said that we are a “Just in time” ministry, “just when we need sometime God provides it at the appropriate time.”  More people brings more volunteers and more products to distribute.

The NH Food Bank has been bringing us a pallet of meat products for several weeks now.  This has truly been a blessing to all we serve.  Financially all this has been accomplish by the generosity and support of several churches and individuals faithfully giving to Food for Children. Thank You!

As for the people we serve, FFC has been providing donations of meat, wheat and sweet treats for over 200 families each week since the middle of June with an all time high of 345 served the last week of September.  Not one family has gone home empty handed.

The board and staff of Food For Children is grateful for all the volunteers, prayers and donations provided.  To God be the glory for all He has done.

Pastor Steve


Wednesday, April 27, 2011 – I’ll start out with the latter. April 24, the Saturday before Easter, and it is snowing. That’s right snowing in New Hampshire at the end of April. But wait, it gets worse.  The weather went from chilly overcast skies to rain to sleet to freezing temperatures to snow.  All this in less than a hour.  But this is spring, we are not suppose to have this kind of stuff New Hampshire.

This is the first time this year we had to erect our 10’ x 10’ tents.  The enclosures, did keep much of the food dry, but did little for the volunteers.  We all got soaked to our bones and the damp cold temperatures only made matters worse. Coming home and jumping into a hot shower helped but it took times for the hot water to penetrate my cold body.  There is nothing like having that icy sting of hot water to wake you up.

In spite of the adverse conditions it was the best of times, we served a new all time high of 240 families. The crew of volunteers worked as hard as ever with very few complaints and grumblings.  Tess, our eldest volunteer, did not say a word about the water running off of the tent on to her, the sweets table or across her  feet. That woman is such a trooper.

Once again the prayers of the prayer team where answered and the Food Bank of New Hampshire brought a pallet full of frozen packaged meat. We also had an abundance of potatoes, onions, and soda. Our sincere THANKS goes to all the good folks at the Food Bank.

A note for next week, the carnival is in town at the JFK Coliseum this coming weekend, so Food For Children will be at the parking lot of St. Anthony’s Church on Belmont Street, Manchester NH. See you there.


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Monday – April 18, 2011  What never ceases to amaze me is how folks try to “get ahead,” especially when it comes to give a way’s and freebies.  I got a phone call last week from a local doctor. She proceeded to ask, interrogate me, if we allowed people who had trouble standing for any length of time to bring chairs.  She had already called the Food Bank and they assured her that there was no such policy regarding chairs and she should call Pastor Steve at Food for Children. I proceeded to inform her that it was not a rule of ours and in fact we had a couple of chairs on the trucks just for that purpose.  Apparently, this doctor had gotten a letter requesting a patient be counted among the “handicapped” at Food for Children.

We thought it would be helpful for the elderly and handicapped to go first at the food distribution line in the JFK coliseum parking lot.  After announcing this new policy we were amazed at how many of our regulars showed up with slings, canes, crutches and other handicap apparatus. I still have the image of one of our friends with a sling on one arm, walking through the line holding numerous bags with his bandaged arm.  From atop of the truck platform I get to see this first hand, the needy and the greedy, but so does God. However the God we serve is gracious and faithful, and also let’s us know when we are being scammed. It is our nature to want to get the best especially when we are hurting and in need. But for those privileged to bring up the rear a quick note, we hold back the good stuff until the end so the last will be blessed as well.  Each week is a challenge, but that is what makes it fun.  Thank God for the opportunity to serve Him.

This week we had volunteers from Hope Tabernacle Church, Franklin Pierce College and the Food Bank of New Hampshire.  I want to offer a BIG thanks to all our volunteers.  We could not to anything without you.   Our unofficial count was 205 families served this week.

April Milestone

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Tuesday. 5 April 2011 – Food For Children reached a milestone this first Saturday of April 2011. We served 235 families breaking our previous record by two. Our staff was diminished with several of our key female volunteers attending a “Women’s Breakfast” at Hope Tabernacle church. As usual, God provided a number of substitutes to fill in the ranks from UNH Manchester.  These undergraduates were more than willing to fill in and help as needed.  It amazes me how people, young and old, will come to do community service for their school or organization and get “bit” by the “service bug”.  We have gotten some of our most committed workers who were people coming to “check out” what was happening at the parking lot of JFK coliseum, only to realize years latter that they had become regulars and invested years in serving the needy of this city.

Speaking about “regulars”, we are losing one of our long time volunteers, Faith Yanez-Lemire.  She will be moving to Tennessee this spring to live with her son.  Fatih has managed the “treat” department at Food for Children, and has been a faithful (pun intended) servant.  We will miss her dearly and wish her the very best.  So for you out there “checking out“ service opportunities and looking for somewhere to plant, I have just the ticket.  Wanted: Manager of Treats.  Applications should be brought to the JFK Coliseum Saturday morning before 11:00am.  Salary: “Heavenly Rewards” and a salary and bonuses that doubled each week.  See me, Pastor Steve Ferriea for details

Spring and all things new!

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Saturday March 27, 2011 – The weather was cold for the start of “spring” is New Hampshire.” In fact the wind dropped the temperature to winter conditions but the sky’s was clear and sunny. The team of volunteers was in good spirits and by God’s grace the Food Bank brought two pallets of meat, turkeys and an assortment of potatoes, onions, yogurts and some miscellaneous products.  Plus there was a bountiful supply of bread and chips.

John Rivera, the pastor from Hope Tabernacle Church preached to some hungry souls. His message was on God willingness to heal our affirmatives. Pastor John spoke from Mark 5: 25- 34 about the woman who was sick for many years and how she reached out to touch the bottom of Jesus’ robe. Instantly she was healed, why, because of her faith. The same is true of us. All we need is to believe.

Along with the coming of spring, brings big crowds to JFK coliseum parking lot. My guess was 227 tickets were allocated.  It is great to witness God’s faithfulness and blessings. I want to thanks all who faithfully volunteer their time and efforts each week.  Only God can replenish those efforts for what you bring to Food For Children and the needy families and couples of Manchester NH.

PS With Spring we have updated our website. Take a look!